few plants i spotted oct7 at pak tam chung 北潭涌10月7日處處秋之植物

白舌紫菀 aster baccharoides、崗松 baeckea frutescens、紅膠木 brisbane box、鹽膚木 chinese sumac、黃槿 cuban bast 、地膽草 elephant-foot herb、亮葉雞血藤 glittering-leaved millettia、油甘子 indian gooseberry、山芝麻 narrow-leaved screwtree、黄荆 negundo chastetree、簕欓花椒(鹰不泊) prickly ash、崗菍 rose myrtle、刺葵 spiny-date-palm、白背漆 sumac、山烏桕 tallow

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