flame of forest in winter 冬季留影 鳳凰木


it is hard to forget the flamboyant blossoms of flame of the forest. but i adore this tree in winter too.


the brown long woody pods keep the branches with leaves shed company in winter.standing underneath the tree and look up, it is almost a piece of pollack work.

flame of forest pods

delonix regia – 豆目 fabales order | 豆科 fabaceae family | 亞科:蘇木亞科 cæsalpinioideae subfamily | 雲實族 cæsalpinieae tribe | 屬:鳳凰木屬 delonix genus | species: 鳳凰木 d. regia

pod flame of forest

參考 reference:

  • 開花後結出一條條長形豆莢果,長可達60公分,成熟後呈深褐色,木質化,內藏40-50粒細小的種子,每顆平均只有0.4克重,種皮有斑紋,有毒,不可誤食。
  • seed pods are dark brown and can be up to 60 cm long and 5 cm wide; the individual seeds, however, are small, weighing around 0.4 g on average.

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