柏架山行記錄 2017 a walk at mt parker, journal



countryside has become the new hot spot for hongkongers in recent years. people rush to country parks and rural areas over weekends and public holidays. it is more so when weather is good. i started avoiding crowd on blue sky days. last sunday, the sky was grey. i told myself it could be a good time to go to the green. i have to admit i am an urban person so i sought a close to town location.



mount parker was where i went to. it started drizzling not long when i climbed up the slope beside the quarry bay market building. the rain wasn’t big at all but good enough to clear the air and everything around.

all the rocks and plants smell fresh and green.

mt-parker-jan17-a苔蘚 moss (bryophyte)

沒多久便到了紅屋 - 林邊屋。

很大失落甚至可說打擊。屋前的大樹消失了,是一棵很高很高的木棉。看過太古洋行的歷史圖片,這棵屹立在前洋行員工宿舍的大樹,上世紀五十年代已經出現。(參看蘋果日報 2015年5月的報導)

haven’t stepped on this route for more than a year. shockingly the moment i went up to woodsides i saw “nothing”. the emptiness is hurting even now. there used to be a big old tall tree cotton in front of the red-brick old senior quarter built by swire. the tree cotton could easily be 70 years old if not older as i saw old photo dated 1950s with the tree standing tall then. mt-parker-jan17-b

這是 2015年2月所攝。the tree cotton back in feb 2015.mt-parker-jan17-c

周圍的小草(禾本科)都掛著淚珠。rain drops on the lawn look like tears.mt-parker-jan17-d

臨離開,不得不更憐惜周圍的樹木。took special looks at trees around the woodsides.

桔樹很應節。 mandarin oranges are dazzling.mt-parker-jan17-e

橘/桔 mandarin orange (citrus reticulata) – kingdom: 植物界 plantae | (unranked) 演化支: angiosperms 被子植物 | (unranked) 演化支: eudicots 真雙子葉植物 | (unranked) 演化支: rosids 薔薇類植物 | order: sapindales 無患子目 | family: rutaceae 芸香科 | genus: citrus 柑橘屬 | species: c. reticulata 橘

上名木冊的細葉榕。 this chinese banyan is on the government’s tree register – AFCD/QB/002 mt-parker-jan17-f


繼續行程,簡記所見 。followings are some records of the rest of the day:

大頭茶 – 原生植物。有趣知識:翻查植物學資料時找到新西蘭一個植物網指其英文俗名是「荷包蛋樹」。 hong kong gordonia is very common around country parks. interestingly i found another funny common name when researching. the new zealanders name it “fried egg plant”. very vivid name.


大頭茶 hong kong gordonia/fried egg plant (gordonia axillaris) – kingdom: 植物界 plantae | division: 被子植物門 | class: 雙子葉植物綱 | order: ericales 杜鵑花目 | family:theaceae 茶科 | genus: gordonia 大頭茶屬 | species 種:大頭茶 g. axillaris (source: 維基 & www.terrain.net.nz)


紅花荷 rhodoleia – 尚待開花。此亦香港原生。this hong kong native always blossom away around chinese new year time.


紅花荷 rhodoleia / hong kong rose  (rhodoleia championii) – – kingdom: 植物界 plantae | (unranked) 演化支: angiosperms 被子植物 | (unranked) 演化支: eudicots 真雙子葉植物 | (unranked) 演化支: core eudicots | order: saxifragales 虎耳草目 | family: hamamelidaceae 金縷梅科 | genus: rhodoleia 紅花荷屬 | species: r. championii 紅花荷 (source: wikipedia)


鐵冬青,每逢冬季遇見這火紅的核果,驚艷。 chinese holly has very small drupes. but no one can miss them during their time. mt-parker-jan17-i

鐵冬青 chinese holly (Ilex rotunda) – kingdom: 植物界 plantae | division: angiosperms 被子植物門 | class: 真雙子葉植物綱 eudicots | order: aquifoliales 冬青目 | family: aquifoliaceae 冬青科 | genus: llex 冬青屬 | species 種: 鐵冬青 I. rotunda (維基)


金草/方骨草在開花。  angle-stemmed hedyotis/square bone-wort are blossoming. mt-parker-jan17-j

金草/方骨草 angle-stemmed hedyotis (hedyotis acutangula) – 茜草科 rubiaceae family | 耳草屬 hedyotis genus | 種 species: 金草 acutangula (維基)


微雨下,蕨類綻放新綠。 ferns are spreading fresh green in the most air. mt-parker-jan17-k


吊鐘初開花。 chinese new year flowers have started booming. mt-parker-jan17-l

吊鐘 chinese new year flower (enkianthus quinqueflorus) – 杜鵑花目 ericales order | 杜鵑花科 ericaceae family | 吊鐘屬 enkianthus genus | species 種: 吊鐘 e. quinqueflorus (維基)


野漆樹紅了。wax tree turns red now. mt-parker-jan17-m

野漆樹 wax tree (rhus succedanea) – kingdom: 植物界 plantae | (unranked) 演化支: angiosperms 被子植物 | (unranked) 演化支: eudicots 真雙子葉植物 | (unranked) 演化支: rosids 薔薇類植物 | order: sapindales 無患子目 | family: anacardiaceae 漆樹科 | subfamily: anacardioideae | genus: toxicodendron 漆屬 | species: t. succedaneum 野漆 (source: wikipedia)


匍匐九節/蔓九節艷白的核果。 creeping psychotria’s drupes are in very catchy white.


匍匐九節/蔓九節 creeping psychotria (psychotria serpens) –  茜草科 rubiaceae family | 九節屬 psychotria genus | 種 species: 蔓九節 p. serpens (維基)


奪目的地衣。 stunning lichen



簕欓花椒/鷹不泊也開始結果。 prickly ash is also in fruit season. mt-parker-jan17-t

簕欓花椒/鷹不泊 prickly ash (zanthoxylum avicennae) – 芸香科 rutaceae family | 花椒屬 zanthoxylum genus | 種 species: 簕欓花椒 zanthoxylum avicennae (維基)


菌類 fungimt-parker-jan17-o


光葉海桐,灌木,香港原生植物,正結果。 glabrous pittosporum is native to hong kong. mt-parker-jan17-p

光葉海桐 glabrous pittosporum – 海桐花科 pittosporaceae family | 海桐花屬 pittosporum | 種 species: 光葉海桐 p. glabratum (維基)



變葉榕/山榕 varied-leaf fig/mountain fig (ficus variolosa) –  植物界 plantae kingdom | division: 被子植物門 magnoliophyta | class: 雙子葉植物綱 magnoliopsida | (未分級) I類真薔薇分支 eurosids I order: 薔薇目 rosales | family: 桑科 moraceae | genus: 榕屬 ficus | species 種: 變葉榕  f. variolosa  (維基)




上次的紀錄是 2013.9.23 last hike record of mt parker: 《柏架山行記錄 a record of a walk along mt parker



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