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as soon as you open your eyes and senses, life (& thus joy) is everywhere.  allow me to share the joy  i found in the nature treasure box of hong kong, my hometown.

in addition to emotional and aesthetic appreciation, i also try to pay effort to dig the scientific info on the plants and creatures featured here; as i am eager to learn and to share more about these beautiful beings.


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  1. I am so glad to see that somebody cares so much about the natural world in Hong Kong! I am visiting Hong Kong this week and found your blog by searching on the yellow crested cockatoo at Hong Kong Park. Thank you for the awesome recording and promotion of the nature awareness! By the way, indeed there are many wonderful trees here, I simply love their presence!

    1. it is great to hear that you love the trees, and are interested in the birds and nature of hong kong as well. really appreciate you enjoy my blog. i love this city and the nature here, am glad i could be a part to present some of the beauties to you. wish you have a great trip here and will come back soon.

      1. I am also pleased to see this side of Hong Kong – beyond concrete, money and business deadlines. Was walking along Hollywood Road yesterday noon, and I saw beautiful trees growing on the walls on one side of the road. It was fascinating how the plants adapted to the limited space in the city!

      2. it is great you visited hollywood road and spotted those lovely stonewall trees. most of the trees on that wall are chinese banyan, the ones with ariel root hanging down; and there are probably one or few “big-leaved fig”. both are some kind of fig trees. stonewall trees are one interesting, special and beautiful feature of hong kong urban nature. these fig trees are very tough trees. they can grow with minimal soil and space. and in the olden days hong kong used stone a lot to build walls for building foundation or slope maintenance. the spaces or cracks between rocks provide living condition for these trees. and after many years they grew to amazing stonewall trees.

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