rapsberry! 樂是啤梨! ~正名茅莓 rubus parvifolius

近一個星期,在家不遠一道斜坡草叢發現 rapsberry 樂是啤梨,忍不住每天去看,每天拍照。 一直以為 raspberry 是很外國的果子,經翻查資料,才知道這品種「茅莓」,是東亞及大洋洲原生的。 for the past few days, i can’t help walking up the hill not too far from home and check out those adorable ruby-like fruit ripening away along a grassy shrubby slope.  坊間一般稱這為紅桑子,我卻喜歡以士多啤梨的翻譯邏輯稱之為「樂是啤梨」。 據中國的網站資料,此攀爬灌木別名有紅梅消、茅莓懸鉤子、蛇泡簕等。一提,蛇泡簕在香港的植物詞彙指另一同屬植物 rubus reflexus。 百度上資料指植物果期為7、8月。不肯定是南北地域差別,還是氣候影響,這些果子在4月底便開始出現了。 i thought raspberry is a very western fruit. the fact is that there... Continue Reading →


市區樹木春花快影 spring flowers of city trees, apr 2018

進入四月,春天已晚,但城內花之盛卻如潮湧。 今年的春季跟隨近年氣候的不確定習性,有過一兩天典型雨霧,但據天文臺資料,三月日照時間特長;而進入四月竟然天氣回涼而且乾燥,清明時節沒有雨紛紛。 但人總是愛眼前嬌,滿城春花處處,實在有應接不暇之感。同時覺得總要紀錄下來。 this is an unusual spring. but under the global climate change, unusual is the current normal. we have a long bright & clear, and a little cooler spring. our old normal spring used to brief, moist and warm. yet i can’t help feeling excited seeing and smelling the colourful and fragrant spring... Continue Reading →

春紅 2018 spring red

這陣子走進公園、投入郊外,那春天的生命爆發實在無可抗拒。 spring is exploding. and there are all shades of red sprung out from parks and in the wild.  賞自然不止於賞花,新葉的嫩鮮,如沐春風。 筆管榕葉芽像粉紅花蕾,掙開新葉胭紅如李。 it is not only about flowers, baby leaves are as magical. the leaf sprouts of japanese superb fig / red fruit figs (ficus superba var. japonica) are as adorable as flower buds. the young... Continue Reading →

春紅 2018 spring red

寒冷的天氣並未阻止植物世界的生命活力,事實上今年已立了春,雨水將至,野外及城內的園林散發不同的紅彩。 cold weather earlier didn’t stop plant vitality in this city. in fact according to chinese lunar calendar, spring has begun for a while. here is to showcase different shades of red around this season.

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